the student
is ready,
the teacher

Chinese Proverb


CD, The Zen of Poetry


  1. Zen of Poetry Introduction
  2. My Heart is Not the Same as Yours 
  3. Let's Hide Out At Cold Mountain (Journey of Hanashan) 
  4. Cold Mountain Has Many Hidden Wonders 
  5. The Path To Han-Shan's Place is Laughable 
  6. Clamoring up the Cold Mountain Path: Rough and Dark/I Settled at Cold M 
  7. My Poems are Simply Poems 
  8. Even Monkeys Can Be Taught 
  9. Oh! Laughing At This Old Man's Body 
  10. I Sigh When I See Wordly Folks Searching in the Dark 
  11. There's a Naked Bug at Cold Mountain 
  12. In These Tangled Cliffs, I Have Found My Place 
  13. When Ever Cold Mountain/Han-Shan Stops To Visit 
  14. Neither Going or Coming 
  15. The Monkey and the Moon