Musical Qi recommended by Chungliang

David Darling and I have been exploring a poetic and musical collaboration of Chinese poetry from ancient Chinese dynasties. I can highly recommend our first two CDs:  The Tao of Poetry and The Zen of Poetry.

Music plays an important part in every Living Tao seminar. Here is a reminder of the power of music QI - for us to harness and enjoy:

I am currently listening to David Darling's new CD “Prayer for Compassion”. It's very powerful and won a Grammy Award in 2010; produced by David Darling and Mickey Houlihan of Wind Over the Earth.

I am partial to J.S. Bach. He is my ultimate muse, forever inspiring and entrancing:

To begin, all variations of the AIR from his Orchestral Suite III are heavenly to listen and Tai Ji to. So are all of the 4 Suites.

All the Adagio and Andante movements from the Six Brandenburg Concertos, including the jazz version of #5 with Jacques Loussier and the Royal Philharmonic. Plus, all the early recordings of Loussier’s “Play Bach” series.